Reaming Shell

Product Specifications

Reaming Shell

The reaming shell is usually made from steel body, polycrystalline diamond and carbide powder. It is used to join core barrel assembly to diamond drill bit. Lined with natural diamond, the diamond reaming shell is suitable to clean drill holes and stabilize the drilling.

The diamond adapter coupling is used for stabilizing the core barrel, it’s equipped with core threads on both sides, we use it to keep the hole in certain size.

Our diamond reaming shell is composed of impregnated diamond and surface-set natural diamond reaming shell with high-quality diamonds and spiral waterway. Water conducted by the spiral waterway washes away the debris.

There are impregnated and surface-set reaming shells with natural diamonds. Impregnated diamond reaming shell is with synthetic diamonds on the surface of reamer pads. Surface-set natural diamonds reaming shell is large size natural diamonds placed in the pads.

Major standards of different types are available.


T2 Series: T2-101, T2-86, T2-76, T2-66, T2-56
T6 Series: T6-76, T6-86, T6-101, T6-116, T6-131, T6-146
T6S Series: T6S-76, T6S-86, T6S-116, T6S-131, T6S-146
Wireline Q Series: PQ, HQ, NQ, BQ
Material: Surface set diamond, PCD, Electroplated Diamond, Impregnated Diamond

Chart of Diamond Reamer Sizes

T2 Series              O.D.(mm)     
T2-56                56.40/56.20         
T2-66                66.40/66.14
T2-76                76.50/76.20
T2-86                86.50/86.20
T2-101             101.50/101.20
T6 Series            O.D.(mm)
T6-76                76.50/76.20
T6-86                86.50/86.20
T6-101             101.50/101.20
T6-116             116.60/116.20
T6-131             131.57/131.19
T6-146             146.60/146.22
T6S Series        O.D.(mm)
T6S-76             76.50/76.20
T6S-86             86.50/86.20
T6S-116          116.60/116.20
T6S-131          131.57/131.19
T6S-146          146.60/146.22
Q Series           O.D.(mm)
BQ                    60.07/59.82
NQ                    75.82/75.57
HQ                    96.27/95.89
PQ                    122.81/122.43