HD-200 Bridge

Product Specifications

Model Name: HD200 Type, CB200-Type

Single Lane: Bridge deck Net width 3.15M , Max allowable span:60.96M

Extra single lane: Bridge deck net width :4.2m, Max allowable Span:60.96m

Double Lane: Bridge Deck Net width:7.35m, Max allowable Span:45.72m

Panel Dimension:3048mm*2134mm (Hole centre Distance)

The 200-Type panel bridge is similar to the 321-type prefabricated steel panel bridge in appearance, but the height of the panel increased to 2.134 meters. The engineer had made great improvement on 200-type bailey bridge supporting connection system: the sway brace is made to integral type and is connected to transom to improve bridge overall stability. The bracing frame and panel fixed through bridging so as to prevent the whole bridge from side bending. This improvement not only improves the bending strength and stiffness of the bridge, increases longevity, enhances the stability, reduces the vertical deformation of the bridge, improves the reliability, compared with the321-type steel bridge when allowable moment and allowable shear is same, 200-type bridge can save 30% raw material.

In addition, the compact 200-type bridge can not only be installed as single lane bridge, also can be assembled two lane bridge, thus enlarging its application range, it is suitable for the loading designs of HS-15,HS-20,HS-25,HL-93 and tracklayer-50 etc.